Monday, November 9, 2009

The Love Lettering Project V

The Love Lettering Project V: December 2009

[first kisses]

This year’s Love Letter project is just underway…I have asked people I love to send me the locations of their first kisses, along with the season of this kiss. And ooooh, the stories I’ve been getting! It’s amazing. Goose-bump-ingly amazing!

Sooo, I’m writing poems about these moments that took place in driveways and school yards, next to rivers, on porch steps and the backseats of best friends’ Toyota Corrolas – then I’ll whip ‘em into small pieces of art and slip them into envelopes.

In December, I’m going to deliver these love letters to places similar to these original kisses.

Keep your eyes peeled…there might just be a love letter for you*

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