Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Love Lettering Project I

The Love Lettering Project I: July 29, 2004

The very first Love Lettering Project was a collaborative affair with the ever-inspiring poet, creator and monster-maker, Rhya Tamasauskas.

During one of the weekly meetings of our writing collective, Tuesday, Rhya and I wrote love poems, then turned them into small one-of-a-kind collage art pieces and slipped them into envelopes.

During that July afternoon, we put them everywhere – in phone booths, in bins of cherries at fruit markets, in gardens, on park benches, under windshield wipers on parked cars.

I remember feeling elated and giddy with the goodness of it all. That was an exceptionally good afternoon.


She sends her love west,
enveloped and stamped,
licked with remembering, with wishing.

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