Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Love Lettering Project II

The Love Lettering Project II: April 18, 2006

[Library love]

I can’t remember why there wasn’t a love lettering project in 2005, but the second installment in 2006 made up for it. I was in grad school for creative writing and knew far too many people who were spending far too much time in the library. Thus, the Library Love Lettering Project was born.

Instead of casting these one-of-a-kind paper-based love letters all over the city, this round was for the library...Robarts at the University of Toronto (which, if you’ve never seen it, is one of the most horrible, uninspiring concrete buildings in Toronto ).

I asked some of my very favourite people to send me the titles of books they thought needed a love letter... books they loved most of all, books they thought needed a smidge of love, books that inspired love, books they read while in love, books they wish they could love....and on this sunshining afternoon, I tucked a wee envelope of loving goodness inside each one.

From Irving Layton to Baudelaire, first editions to brand new books, Nabokov in Russian, plays, poetry, fiction and everything in between...became full of love.

Blushing scholars abound!

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