Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Love Lettering Project IV

The Love Lettering Project IV: July 27, 2008

[Bike love]

In 2008, people I love sent me a word of something they love and I then wrote love poems to these objects: magnolia trees, wheat beer, old Penguin edition books, May and so many other lovely bits...

Then, after a fortifying brunch and too many cups of coffee, my partner-in-crime, Rhya Tamasauskas and I, proceeded to tie these love letters to bikes all over the west end of Toronto.

And somehow, over the last year, I’ve met one friend, one acquaintance and one stranger who came across these letters…xo


[a love poem to a dictionary]

I love that you are as wide as you are tall

two hands full.

And I love that you line up your

Ps and Qs when I'm not looking,

Ms careful next to your Ns,

ears before eyes

and hands before hearts.

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