Sunday, April 4, 2010

loving letters

I love surprises. And a letter tucked into an envelope is one of the very best surprises I can think of...

Letters never disappoint. Okay, bills and rejection letters are disappointing, but letters with your name handwritten across the envelope? Those never disappoint. Never ever ever.

There’s something so magical about the moment right before tearing open an envelope. You know that someone’s been thinking about you. You KNOW there’s goodness in store. Though I’m always careful not to tear wrapping paper (because that’s some prime crafting material, right there), I always find it hard not to tear an envelope open.

And the opening part doesn’t stop there as you still have to open up the folded pages. (Man, just thinking about it makes me want to check the mailbox!)

And then of course, the letter. Sigh. The date in the corner that reminds you that two days earlier, three weeks earlier, someone was thinking ‘bout you, how it is addressed to the nickname only that someone calls you, how their es curl just so.

I think every letter is a love letter whether or not there are sweet nothings whispered onto the page…

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