Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Love Lettering Project IV: Halifax tales, Part 1

I love Halifax. I’ve only been there twice and both times were for work, but there is something positively magical about that place. I was lucky enough to have a co-conspirator in Halifax -- co-cupid-ninja, the wonderful poet and inspirer, Ben.

I had told Ben when I got into town I wanted ocean and ocean is what I got. The Atlantic was inky, and the wind was vicious, and my hands were frozen before I could even pull the love letters out of my bag.

It took the most delish mussels and sesame crusted haddock and a glass of delightful Nova Scotian red before I was fortified enough to trek up the hill to the Citadel.

The shadows were awesome and though it was too dark to capture them camera-wise, we left a love letter for the person at the Citadel info booth.

Ben took me up and down the steep hills (And I must say, as a Toronto-girl, I’m not used to hills!) and we found a lil Wu-Tang love behind the public library – time to bring the ruckus!

A church got some love, and my fav – the water fountain at the ferry terminal that had the most fabulous mosaic fish on the tiles. Oh-so-sadly, I lost the photos from this late night love lettering adventure, but trust me, Wu-Tang, mosiac fish and Citadel shadows, it was one amazing love lettering adventures!

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