Thursday, March 11, 2010

Library of Congress love

I love words. And I LOVE books. But when I was approached with the chance to visit the Library of Congress when I was down in Washington , D.C. , I was really reluctant to go.

It was a sunny Saturday and there was brunch to be had and streets to meander along, apple cider to sip and a market to find…forget some fancy-pants tourist site! But I went. And am so glad I let myself be persuaded.

I’m sure there are a million odes to this glorious, wondrous building, but I was truly blown away. It was stunning. There were poets’ names on the ceiling and the most beautiful stained glass. I just wanted to spin around and around until I got dizzy and fall in a heap of bookish adoration.

(my favourite Shakespeare quote...)

It was like a church for all things book. I got myself a reading pass so I could hang out in the reading room under this huge domed ceiling that reminded me of the Vatican with its domed ceilings and huge arched windows. Sigh. The building is a love letter to all things written and all things read. Just glorious.

The sun was setting and the light was long and long – just amazing and it was only fitting that I left some love letters on the front steps…

[photo from The Love Lettering Project VI, taken by Michael A. Jones]

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