Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Love Lettering Project takes on Washington, D.C.

After 5 years of Toronto-based love, the Love Lettering Project goes international on Valentine's Day, covering snowy Washington, D.C. with papered love.

(Photos by Michael A. Jones)

Dupont Circle fountain love

Yummy market love

Snowy car love (so much snow!!!)

And some bookstore love (with a dash of Amelia Earhart lovin')


The Love Lettering Project is a guerilla art project that brings love letters to strangers. Creator Lindsay Zier-Vogel has been papering cities with love letters for the last six years by writing love poems that are turned into one-of-a-kind paper and thread collages and slipping them into air mail envelopes marked ‘love.’ She and her international squad of cupid-love-letterers then distribute these love letters all over the place -- from cherry bins and phone booths to parked bikes and unsuspecting mail boxes...


(New Zealand watch out, you're next...)


1 comment:

  1. Wow, this is such an amazing concept. Receiving a random love letter can actually make someone's day. The one on the car is my favorite. The photos look so nice. I hope a lot more people can receive these letters.

    -Tyra Shortino